Jesse Aluminum Luggage Made in the USA | Motorcycle Bags For Sale Training Video

trusted adventure touring. passion here always been on supplying the best durability functionality. comes with installing hardware whatever needed to get you going.

What The Luggage is Made Of

aluminum, assembled with stainless-steel parts. Our lids hinged on to the boxes supply extra packing area and even a level place to put stove when setting up camp. We make virtually part specifications. Our luggage has a capacity of 105 liters (for the R1200GS) yet preserves a slim profile mounted only 35' broad mounted on the R1200GS. distinct angled interior provide for enhanced strength.

The Angled Corners

Angled corners help increasing general strength Visualize difference trying to push in the corner of a cardboard box versus the side. You know indent the box with much force corner. holds true aluminum. Our Luggage Courier have been crash-tested by customers, regularly tell us just how surprised they are that the boxes survived One more reason provide clearance while riding. attend to cornering clearance, and the front angles enable worry catching a heel. Strong

They are stronger than most of other the market. In a current test magazine, they said, In the event war, war zones!' finished, and extremely strong.

Another feature with the Jesse panniers is the resistant hinges, which means lid stays put it and will not drop down and bend the side of the pannier. also act as lugging handles. Once removed carry using other catch as a handle, one pannier in each hand. All the panniers come with a sprung steel retainer that holds your stuff in the so that it does not fall out when you open it. All of successful in the U.S.A. probably the best luggage in the world a big trip want for years.